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Welcome to the website of INQUA-Moldova and thank you for showing your interest in our work. I would like to inform you briefly about our work and the opportunities for cooperation.

INQUA-Moldova’ – is a non-governmental and non-profit public organization and is one of the oldest public organizations in the Republic of Moldova. Founded in 1986, ‘INQUA-Moldova’ was registered as a public ecological organization. The organization is a leader in innovative environmental researches and programs and is widely known in the Republic of Moldova and abroad as a community of high professional (international) experts and specialists who are able to conduct projects with a high degree of complexity. Please take a look at our website and I invite you to contact me for any questions you may have.

Gabriel Gilca
President INQUA-Moldova

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January 2017 Development sustainable tourism in Moldova

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INQUA-Moldova decided to accelerate the development of sustainable national tourism. That’s not without a reason! Moldova is a country where dreams come true, a place where fairy tales turn into reality. Such impressions have those who were lucky to discover this small land between Ukraine and Romania. Old monasteries, wonderful shady forests, endless hills, fair sky and friendly sun give a special charm to this country. In particular the categories: Nature (Eco-tourism), Rural (Agro-tourism), Gastronomical (Wine Ways), Cultural (Ethno-folkloric, Historical), Religious (Pilgrimage), Balneological (Spa-tourism) will be further developed. This will be done in close cooperation with other parties.

May 2016

INQUA-Moldova has carried out an assessment of 60 drinking water sources (wells and springs) in the area of the Territorial Administrative Unit Gagauzia, where ‘Gagaujii’- as an ethnic minority of the country are living. The assessment provided information about the quality of the water and if it can be used for domestic needs.
An important activity at the start of the project was the opening of an ethnographic Eco-Centre at the premises of the Centre for Creative children in the village Avdarma, in Gagauzia.
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Press release

September, 2015

Asociatia Obstească “INQUA-Moldova” in cadrul proiectului “Consolidarea acțiunilor intre ONG si autoritațile publice locale cu implicarea societății civile, in scopul protecției resurselor si calității apei potabile in stepa Bugeacului“ anunta concurs de “MINI-COPII a fintinilor”. Click here for more information


April 14, 2015

Third Environmental Performance Review of Moldova (2014)
The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) Environmental Performance Review Programme